Q. Can I search for just the new releases within a genre?


Yes, but you will need to use a two-part searching strategy. I recommend you use the "Advanced Search" option to generate a list of titles by genre, and then narrow your results  to current year titles by using the "Limit Search Results" options.

  1. From, hmcpl.org, click on "My Account / My Catalog" in the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Look to the right of the SEARCH button, and you should see the "Advanced Search" option. Click on that.
  3. You can play around with a lot of keywords and search strategies using this screen, but I did the following:
    •    Enter "science fiction" in the subject box
    •    Select "paperback," "book" and "large print" under the LIMITS option.
    •    Then click the "Advanced Search" button to initiate the search.

I found 2570 results from this search. To limit the titles to new books, scroll down to the "Publication Date" option under "Limit Search Results" on the left-hand side the screen. I clicked on "1988-2012" and the "Include" button. That takes me down to 2478 results. I can click on "2008-2012" to further limit the results. Then I get a list of years and the number of titles for each year. I can choose to include just 2012 or a couple of years. I can also exclude materials I don't want in the list like children's reading level materials, for example.

As I find books I like, I can click on the box next to the title and save them to a temporary list. If I want that list to become permanent, I need to use the "My Lists" feature. For more information about "My Lists," refer to

How do I create a permanent list using My Lists on hmcpl.org?

ONE CAVEAT: As of 5/10/2012, there is a known bug in the Enterprise Catalog system which will affect large searches. Our IT Department is working furiously to fix this issue. If your search returns a list of results any longer than one page, you will have difficulties opening the full record for items on page two forward. If you click on something on page 2 or after, you will get what we loving call the "spinning wheel of death." To work-around this issue until it is resolved, bring up a second window in your Internet browser. Go to the HMCPL Online Catalog in that window as well. When there is a title on your long list that you want further details for, click over to the other window and search for that book by title. You should be able to view the full record without problem in that second window.

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